We have multiple small structures on the farm, each under 200 square feet.  This size of structure may be built without permits in our county and is a great size for one or two people. 

Each of these structures have been built entirely by hand, on site, using 95% recycled materials (primarily fasteners and part of the foundation materials).  Our resident builder is often able to salvage materials from a job site, and other farm members are always on the lookout for more usable resources. 

Because we have access to free recycled materials, you aren't likely to find cob or earth bag structures here.  Although we do like those construction methods, we are able to build quickly and at a very low cost (financially as well as environmentally) with recycled materials. 

The buildings are either post and beam or timber frame construction.  They each feature a rainwater catchment system with gravity fed cold running water in a kitchen sink. A small wood stove provides heat as well as  cooking surface, and a small (often vintage) gas stove/oven is also provided.  These buildings are built with a passive solar design and may also have a small amount of electricity available. They typically offer about 5 amps, which is more than enough for lighting, a computer, and even a small refrigerator.  An outdoor composting toilet is located nearby.

Our long term vision for most of these structures is for them to be occupied and purchased by members.  In the meantime, we can offer them as rentals or intern housing.  We prefer to rent them by the month but also occasionally are able to offer them by the night or week.  We will keep this page updated with regard to any upcoming openings, but you may also feel free to contact us at info@finneyfarm.org

Our builder has worked in natural home building for many years and is skilled in many types of construction.  If you are interested in talking with him about the possibility of your own future project offsite, please contact us and we will forward your inquiry.  He has built all manner of structures and has many references and project photos. 

Tiny Houses

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