Finney Farm

We also have an Etsy shop! All proceeds support our seed distro project!  We offer seed and storage garlic, garlic braids, gift baskets, and other farm goods.



Think our project is worthwhile?  Wanna help?  For those interested in donating time, services, or materials, please contact and we'll be happy to hear from you.  You can also help by donating funds. If you have a preference as to how these funds are spent (general fund, gardening, building projects, social and educational outreach, elementary school program, seed distro, publications, etc), please feel free to let us know. 

Funding and Donations: We have several projects in the works which require ongoing funding, and several larger infrastructure plans needing project funds (barn remodel and drilled well are high on our list). We also need a few specific items (see list below).  Please do contact us with grant opportunities, questions about our specific and most current  needs, and to offer a donated item.

Legal and Accounting Help: We are seeking legal counsel regarding our future shift to a 501c3, for guidance on legal requirements in terms of land use regulations, and input/editing of our bylaws and policy documents. We are also in need of accounting advice to help us update our current methods.

Work: We are WWOOF hosts and our profile may be found on the website.  We have an opening for an unpaid (room and board only) apprentice position with our natural builder. Additionally, we schedule work parties throughout the year.

List of needed items:  wood chips for orchard mulch; building materials;  farm hand tools including wheelbarrows, shovels, and the like; chipper/shredder to be converted into mechanical bean thresher for seed distro project;  donation of concrete pour for workshop remodel;  folding tables and chairs for workshops and events; shelving for library area; books for library; fruit and nut trees; perennial edible plants or seeds; professional soil 20 block maker; gas cards to help with transportation to workshops at elementary schools and food banks in the county; office supplies. 

We love to hear about possible grant opportunities!